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Epidemiologist Amber Kunkel faces Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ebola has battered the Democratic Republic of the Congo for many months, from the outbreak that ended in July 2018 to the epidemic currently raging. These are reminders that there is progress to be made in terms of controlling and understanding this deadly infectious disease. In 2018, during the epidemic in the north west of the country, Dr. Amber Kunkel, a scientist from the Institut Pasteur in Paris, went in situ to lend her epidemiological expertise to heightened surveillance efforts led by the WHO.

Humans, animals and their environment, an investigation by Victor Narat

You have no doubt already heard about emerging viruses. The international media regularly informs us about viruses raging across the world, for instance Zika, Ebola and dengue. But where do they come from? Mosquitoes, bats, rodents and primates carry viruses, and when humans share an area with these species, they are exposed to various infectious risks. To shed light on this situation, known as zoonotic pre-emergence, Victor Narat from the Medical Anthropology and Environment Research Group, set off to investigate in the field.
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