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Nucleic Acids Research Frédéric Lemoine, Damien Correia, Vincent Lefort, Olivia Doppelt-Azeroual, Fabien Mareuil, Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Olivier Gascuel., created in 2008, has been designed to facilitate the execution of phylogenetic workflows, and is nowadays widely used. However, since its development, user needs have evolved, new tools and workflows have been published, and the number of jobs has increased dramatically, thus promoting new practices, which motivated its refactoring. We developed to be more flexible in terms of tools and workflows, easily installable, and more scalable. It integrates numerous tools in their latest version (e.g. TNT, FastME, MrBayes, etc.) as well as new ones designed in the last ten years (e.g. PhyML, SMS, FastTree, trimAl, BOOSTER, etc.). These tools cover a large range of usage (sequence searching, multiple sequence alignment, model selection, tree inference and tree drawing) and a large panel of standard methods (distance, parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian). They are integrated in workflows, which have been already configured ('One click'), can be customized ('Advanced'), or are built from scratch ('A la carte'). Workflows are managed and run by an underlying Galaxy workflow system, which makes workflows more scalable in terms of number of jobs and size of data. is deployable on any server or personal computer, and is freely accessible at

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