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Data Analysis course

From 10/04/2021 to 10/08/2021

A course jointly organized by ENS and Institut Pasteur on statistical analysis of biological data will be held from 4th to 8th of October 2021

Summary :

Analyzing complex and large biological data has nowadays become essential to address challenging questions in Biology, ranging from genomes organisation to the functioning of ecosystems. However, students training in data sciences still lags behind these new requirements in Biology. Here, we propose a week-long course jointly organized by ENS and Institut Pasteur to train students from the PSL master in Life Sciences and from the INCEPTION PhD program on statistical analysis methods, with applications to biologicaldata. The course will be held over five days (4th to 8th October 2021). During this course, teachers will provide an overview of data analysis methods, from univariate to multivariate approaches. Elements of statistical modeling will also be introduced as well as experimental design and power analysis. During this course, standard statistical methods will be taught by mixing analytical and practical aspects. These approaches will be illustrated with cutting-edge biological data such as proteomics, qPCR or single cell RNA-Seq data. More challenging issues will be further discussed, such as multiple testing in omics data, e.g. when significance testing of thousands of genes or proteins is required.

Pre-requisites : The students should have basics in R/Markdown programming and in statistics (e.g. sampling, random variables, discrete and continuous distributions, quantiles, etc).

Applications : The program and contacts are available on the course webpage

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