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INCEPTION annual meeting

From 11/18/2019 to 11/19/2019

Started on 1 January 2017, the INCEPTION project (Convergence Institute for the Emergence of Pathologies through Individuals and PopulatiONs) has launched several calls for projects to support interdisciplinary research projects.

Headed by the Institut Pasteur and co-directed by Olivier Gascuel, head of Computational Biology department, and Thomas Bourgeron, head of the unit of Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions, this project fits into the context of biological big data around four axes of research:

- Methods for integrative biology
- Emergence of diseases through populations
- Emergence of diseases within individuals
- Social science, emergence of diseases and prevention

In this context, the INCEPTION project aims to establish synergies between different areas of expertise (biology, medicine, computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, social sciences) to develop innovative solutions around the emergence of diseases, both at the level of populations and individuals.

The annual meeting of the INCEPTION project, proposing several scientific presentations from international researchers, will take place on November Monday 18 (1:30pm – 8:00pm) and Tuesday 19 (10:00am – 12:45am) at the Auditorium of the Center François Jacob.

A poster session is also organized with a “Wine and cheese” cocktail. Do not hesitate to register for a poster!

To register, please follow this link :

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