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Introduction to Molecular Phylogeny 2022

From 11/28/2022 to 12/02/2022

The purpose of the course of molecular phylogeny is to bring theoretical knowledge and good practices for data analysis using specialized softwares. This course is open to doctoral trainings and professionals of the INCEPTION program.

This course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the methods used in phylogenetics, and good practices of the main programs used in the field. It will allow students to analyze their own data, to interpret the resulting phylogenies, and to measure the limits and potential drawbacks of phylogenetic approaches.

The course is organized over one week, with 50/50 theoretical classes and computer-training sessions every day. Three course/conferences are given for a wider audience.

This course is intended for engineers and researchers of the Institut Pasteur in Paris or from the international network of Instituts Pasteur. This course is open to doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows from organizations partners of the INCEPTION program.

A limited number of places is available. For inscription related to INCEPTION, please contact maha.david[at]

Information at: Introduction à la Phylogénie Moléculaire

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