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Introduction to Molecular Phylogeny 2023

From November 27th to December 1st 2023

November time will be the time for another Molecular Phylogeny course! 

The course aims to illuminate the theoretical concepts of phylogenetic analysis and practices in phylogenetic reconstruction. 

Students will be able to analyse their data, interpret phylogenetic trees, and evaluate the limits and disadvantages of each approach.

The week-long training will consist of daily theoretical and practical sessions (50:50). 

The course is destined for engineers and researchers at Pasteur Institutes in Paris or the International Network. It's also open for the admission of PhD students and post-docs from INCEPTION partner institutions and universities. 

Preliminary program:

  • General introduction: principles of phylogenetic inference 

  • Mathematics (simple) of trees

  • Evolutionary models and distances

  • Distance methods

  • Maximum parsimony criteria

  • Maximum likelihood criteria

  • Bayesian approaches

  • Inference of selective forces

  • Phylogenomic analysis 


  • Be familiarised with sequencing banks 

  • Prior use of basic bioinformatic software (BLAST, multiple alignments) 

  • Notions of statistical probability (tests, standard distributions, simple parameter estimation methods)


More information and how to apply:

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