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UniStem Day 2020 : Inception & Revive workshop


Founded in 2006 by Prof. Elena Cattaneo (Department of Pharmacological Sciences), Prof. Giulio Cossu (Department of Biology), Prof. Fulvio Gandolfi (Department of Animal Sciences) and Prof. Ivan Torrent (Department of Neurological Sciences), the Interdepartmental Center for Stem Cell Research of University of Milano (UNISTEM) aims to integrate, coordinate and promote access to information relating to the study of stem cells and their potential application. In addition, the center promotes research on the biology of stem cells and their possible applications in medicine, pharmacology, toxicology and veterinary use: one of the most exciting and promising fields of biology and modern medicine. The main objectives are dissemination targeted to the general public at the regional level, high school and those who are interested in the subject, even though not directly active in the field of stem cells.

Each year UniStem organizes an outreach event on stem cells dedicated to high school students. This event, UniStem Day, is currenty the largest educational outreach initiative on stem cells and regenerative medicine in Europe. In 2019 the event was organized simultaneously by 99 universities across 15 countries and 4 continents, connecting 30 000 students in this worldwide event.

The LabEx REVIVE or stem cells in regenerative biology and medicine unites fundamental and applied stem cell researchers with selected partners from the biotechnology sector. It is structured around a dedicated research program on stem cells, including fundamental research, disease modeling, regenerative medicine and aging. REVIVE aims to federate a larger scale effort into a consortium for stem cell-based regenerative medicine and drug screening. REVIVE promotes technology transfer, training and address ethical issues in stem cell science.

The INCEPTION Insitut develops a research units consorsium to gather and mobilize data resources, numerical sciences, and fundamental experimental biology for health issues. INCEPTION uses Integrative Biology, Social Science and Data Science to understand the Emergence of Diseases in Populations and Individuals, gathering different fields of expertise (biology, medicine, computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, and social sciences). INCEPTION aims to participate Graduate Multidisciplinary Education Program, at the interfaces of Life Sciences, and provide training opportunities for the next generation of researchers.

The organization of Unistem Day 2020 is a great opportunity to establish new collaborations between researchers from both consortia and highlight the capacity of the two federators to implement common educational outreach initiatives.

Event Agenda – Vendredi 6 Mars 2020

The agenda is the following:

8h30- Welcome coffee

9h15-Connecting with UniStem Day 2020 in Germany

9h30- Talks on Stem Cells and Bioinformatics

  • Gilles LEMAITRE (I-Stem)

  • Stéphane DESCORPS DECLERE, Sébastien MELLA, Etienne KORNOBIS (HUB Bioinformatique, IP)

10h30- Scientific talks by students

  • Talk_Dixième gène du VIH (groupe poster 6) - Lycée Notre dame les oiseaux

  • Talk_Identité des cellules souches et cancer (groupe poster 13) - Lycée Notre dame les oiseaux

  • Talk_Microbiote (groupe hors session poster) - Lycée Marcelin Barthelot

  • Talk : Dysthrophie rétinienne (Anthonin Péré) – Lycée Victor Duruy

11h10- Poster session (based on the same articles - 24 posters)

12h30- Lunch/snack

13h30- Speed meeting with scientists and others

15h00- Quizz and prices (talk and poster)

15h30- End of meeting

Research Articles :

Lycée Notre Dame Les oiseaux

POSTER 1_Dystrophie retinienne_Groupe Martin Lucas Arthur Gautier Lisa

POSTER 2_Cellules souches Cancer_Groupe Alice Alicia Justine Philippe Aro

POSTER 3_Phylogénie et évolution moléculaire_Groupe Christa-Maria Hannah Vianney Angeline Laura-Victorine

POSTER 4_Cellules souches & thérapie cellulaire_Groupe Juliette Mauryne Jade Victorien Blandine

POSTER 5_Microbiote_Groupe Sophie Quentin Emilie Arthur Coline

POSTER 6_10eme gene du VIH_Groupe Charlotte Hasna Benziane Clement Loris

POSTER 7_Apophonie ENCODE_Groupe Andrea

POSTER 8_Bertin et al Dystrophie retinienne

POSTER 9_Dussaut et al Cellules souches et Syst nerveux

POSTER 10_Manguin et al 10eme gene du VIH

POSTER 11_Berne et al Enjeux du Microbiote

POSTER 12_Del Pozo et al_Enjeux du microbiote

POSTER 13_Tesson et al_Identité des cellules souches et cancer

Lycée Marcelin Barthelot

POSTER 14_Hemeury et al_Cellules souches et thérapies cellulaires

POSTER 15_Durand et al_Dystrophies_rétiniennes

POSTER 16_Hoche et al_Enjeux du Microbiote

POSTER 17_Khennouf et al_Enjeux du Microbiote

POSTER 18_Marciano et al_cellules souches et cancéreuses

Lycée Victor Duruy

Poster 19_Remond et al_Enjeux du Microbiote

Poster 20_Fernandes et al_Identité cellules souches et cancer

Poster 21_Afshar et al_Cellules souches et therapie cellulaire

Poster 22_Jallot et al_10eme gene du VIH

Poster 23_Ryad et al_Apophonie ENCODE

Poster 24_Pere et al_Dystrophie retinienne

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