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From 01/09/2022 to 01/14/2022
Place :
Station Biologique, Roscoff, France

This workshop focuses on the large-scale study of heterogeneity across individual cells from a genomic,
transcriptomic and epigenomic point of view. New technological developments enable the characterization of
molecular information at a single cell resolution for large numbers of cells. The high dimensional omics data
that these technologies produce raise novel methodological challenges for the analysis. In this regard,
dedicated bioinformatics and statistical methods have been developed in order to extract robust information.
The workshop aims to provide such methods for engineers and researchers directly involved in functional
genomics projects making use of single-cell technologies. A wide range of single cell topics will be covered in
lectures, demonstrations and practical classes. Among others, the areas and issues to be addressed will
include the choice of the most appropriate single-cell sequencing technology, the experimental design and
the bioinformatics and statistical methods and pipelines. For this edition, new courses/practicals will focus on
spatial transcriptomics, cell phenotyping and additional multi-omics.