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On Monday, November 18th, all members of the Institut Convergence INCEPTION were invited to the annual meeting of the project in the presence of Olivier Schwartz, Scientific Director of the Institut Pasteur, Thomas Bourgeron and Olivier Gascuel, project coordinators and by Sven Rahmann, member of the Scientific Council of the project.

This meeting (program here) mobilized the scientific community of the Institut Pasteur and INCEPTION partners. Scientific presentations from each of the four axes were given: Representing the first axis, "Methods for Integrative Biology", Michael Nilges introduced a probabilistic Bayesian view on integrative structural biology and corresponding Monte Carlo simulation methods that his team is researching. Rayan Chikhi, new INCEPTION G5, presented challenges in assembling genomes that still persist in spite of considerable progress in the fields and that his group will be addressing. Work from the second axis, "Emergence of diseases in populations", was presented by Eduardo Rocha and Simon Cauchemez in their respective talks about evolutionary virus genomics and mathematical modelling of infectious disease epidemics. The third axis, "Emergence of diseases in individuals", was represented by Hugues Aschard's talk on gene-environment interactions. The fourth axis, "Social science, emergence of diseases and prevention" received special emphasis with three presentations by Tamara giles-Vernick on medical anthropology and disease emergence, by Guillaume Lachenal on biohistories in the African anthropocene and by Guillaume Dumas on social computational psychiatry. These scientific talks were complemented by a scientific poster session demonstrating the funded interdisciplinary projects and doctoral projects.

The next annual meeting will be held in November 2020.


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