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Consensus recommendations on Epilepsy in Phelan-McDermid syndrome.

European Journal of Medical Genetics

de Coo IF, Jesse S, Le T L, Sala C, & Bourgeron T.

Phelan-McDermid syndrome (PMS) is a 22q13.3 deletion syndrome that presents with a disturbed development, neurological and psychiatric characteristics, and sometimes other comorbidities like seizures. The epilepsy manifests itself in a variety of seizure semiologies. Further diagnostics using electroencephalogram (EEG) and brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are important in conjunction with the clinical picture of the seizures to decide whether anticonvulsant therapy is necessary. As part of the development of European consensus guidelines we focussed on the prevalence and semiology of epileptic seizures in PMS associated with a pathogenic variant in the SHANK3 gene or the 22q13 deletion involving SHANK3, in order to then be able to make recommendations regarding diagnosis and therapy.

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