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Enhancing bioreactor arrays for automated measurements and reactive control with ReacSight

Nat Commun

Bertaux F, Sosa-Carrillo S, Gross V, Fraisse A, Aditya C, Furstenheim M, Batt G

Small-scale, low-cost bioreactors provide exquisite control of environmental parameters of microbial cultures over long durations. Their use is gaining popularity in quantitative systems and synthetic biology. However, existing setups are limited in their measurement capabilities. Here, we present ReacSight, a strategy to enhance bioreactor arrays for automated measurements and reactive experiment control. ReacSight leverages low-cost pipetting robots for sample collection, handling and loading, and provides a flexible instrument control architecture. We showcase ReacSight capabilities on three applications in yeast. First, we demonstrate real-time optogenetic control of gene expression. Second, we explore the impact of nutrient scarcity on fitness and cellular stress using competition assays. Third, we perform dynamic control of the composition of a two-strain consortium. We combine custom or reactors with automated cytometry. To further illustrate ReacSight's genericity, we use it to enhance plate-readers with pipetting capabilities and perform repeated antibiotic treatments on a bacterial clinical isolate.

More information at doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-31033-9

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