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Enzymatic Synthesis of Vancomycin-Modified DNA


Figazzolo C, Bonhomme F, Saidjalolov S, Ethève-Quelquejeu M, Hollenstein M.

Many potent antibiotics fail to treat bacterial infections due to emergence of drug-resistant strains. This surge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) calls in for the development of alternative strategies and methods for the development of drugs with restored bactericidal activities. In this context, we surmised that identifying aptamers using nucleotides connected to antibiotics will lead to chemically modified aptameric species capable of restoring the original binding activity of the drugs and hence produce active antibiotic species that could be used to combat AMR. Here, we report the synthesis of a modified nucleoside triphosphate equipped with a vancomycin moiety on the nucleobase. We demonstrate that this nucleotide analogue is suitable for polymerase-mediated synthesis of modified DNA and, importantly, highlight its compatibility with the SELEX methodology. These results pave the way for bacterial-SELEX for the identification of vancomycin-modified aptamers.

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