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Griottes: a generalist tool for network generation from segmented tissue images

BMC Biol

Ronteix G, Aristov A, Bonnet V, Sart S, Sobel J, Esposito E, Baroud CN

Background: Microscopy techniques and image segmentation algorithms have improved dramatically this decade, leading to an ever increasing amount of biological images and a greater reliance on imaging to investigate biological questions. This has created a need for methods to extract the relevant information on the behaviors of cells and their interactions, while reducing the amount of computing power required to organize this information. Results: This task can be performed by using a network representation in which the cells and their properties are encoded in the nodes, while the neighborhood interactions are encoded by the links. Here, we introduce Griottes, an open-source tool to build the "network twin" of 2D and 3D tissues from segmented microscopy images. We show how the library can provide a wide range of biologically relevant metrics on individual cells and their neighborhoods, with the objective of providing multi-scale biological insights. The library's capacities are demonstrated on different image and data types. Conclusions: This library is provided as an open-source tool that can be integrated into common image analysis workflows to increase their capacities.

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